Eerie! Dog poop and impact on our planet

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After spending years with your dog, being a fur parent, and all those cuddles, snuggles, kisses, wagging tales, walkies, and breakfast in the cafes, you become the lover of your dog and its presence is euphoric and surprising for you!

But stop, stop here, and tell me do you love to pick up the poop of your dog too? I know you would say no!

The pervasive and shameful case to handover this task to someone else indicates your limits of love to your pet, a pet that is your friend, and who used to care about you, who used to remain with you, and who after all wants to die in your proximity!

After the researchers found that every animal has some form of transmitting his message to his creature like ants, Chimpanzees, and like digs, they were astonished about their ability to understate each other.

How bad your beloved dog used to feel when you just left him astray over his poop only!

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

It’s also an accepted fact that the dog poop is hardly a fertilizer even! It contains large amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous that it acts even opposite to a fertilizer. The killing effect of grass and even plants is making the picking up case of dog poop more important.

The filth spread by the dog poop can only cause the smelly odor but can also become a major cause of different diseases in animals and people alike.

Dog waste is full of salmonella, a common source of worms and E. coli, Cryptosporidiosis, Coronavirus, Giardiasis, salmonellosis, and can remain in the soil and vast areas of land for decades.

So after knowing about the consequences of negligence you might be the one who would say look! I am a good guy who used to pick up the dog’s doo-doo. But let’s looks at one more aspect what about the poop bag in which you pack up the dog’ doo-doo on our environment?

Our fragile planet is already badly battered by the ripple effects of Coronavirus and as the animals are a source of this virus the utmost care can only ensure the safety of millions of people on the surface of the earth.

Photo by Julian Schultz on Unsplash

Still, on the surface of the earth, you need to use biodegradable bags that can be disposed of after usage and that can contain the stinky smell of dog’s poop from spreading in the environment.

But you have to be cautious and alert while choosing any biodegradable bag because there are lots of misguidance and false information there.




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Writer, Blogger, and a Thinker

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